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Stella Cove

Introducing Stella Cove - a collection of super-cool girls swimwear made of high-quality fabrics manufactured according to high European standards of quality, that do not only guarantee safety but are also very comfortable. Stella Cove is simple silhouettes but very fun prints that are especially suitable for tween girls.

Stella Cove swimsuits are designed in Israel, so they do have some captivating prints and designs, but they are also made in Turkey. This means that they are withheld to the high European standards, producing high-quality swimwear that will keep your child safe and last a long time. Not to mention, it is also very comfortable. Your daughter will be able to run, swim, dive, and build sand castles with ease while wearing a Stella Cove swimsuit. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the swimsuit wearing down before your daughter grows out of it. In fact, it will even last long enough to re-use on a younger sister.