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Fashion Trends


SHAPES * Jumpsuits, dungarees and bib & brace tops to shorts and skirts * Puffed volume everywhere, on short skirts, sleeves, halter tops and cropped trousers * Cropped jackets, in denim, leather, cotton drill and jersey

FABRICS * Laser cuts for edges and patterns on leather and cotton * Lace and broderie anglaise used for decoration * Metallic knits and finishes on fabrics and accessories Example: (Sister Sam Metallic Finish Butterfly Dress)

* Supersoft denim, sometimes distressed and faded


* Butterflies everywhere, printed and as appliques. Example: (Lipstik Purple Butterflies Sequined Top & Skirt Set)

* 60s/70s florals, bi-coloured and Scandinavian inspired * Turn-up double cuffs with jersey linings on shorts, cropped pants, sleeves and skirts


* HEAVY ROCK Skull prints, Hell's Angels wings, Gothic lettering and biker jackets. Black as a key colour Example: (Bejewelled Tees)

* PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Red/white, navy/white stripes, wench dresses, lace trims and overprints, shredded edges. Example: (Toff Togs Striped Tunic & Capris)

* FIFTIES Fresh, clean Happy Days, cotton full skirts, cuffed bomber jackets, strong primaries with white contrasts


Earnshaw Magazine, a fashion trade magazine for children's apparel, gives us a rundown of the "trends" for the fall season:

Russian—designers idealize czar and czarina looks through iconic embroideries, fur accents, paisley patterns and the liberal use of velvet fabrics. Rich hues like chocolate, plum and red add to the feeling of opulence. The look remains age appropriate thanks to Russian stacking doll motifs and bold prints. Example: ( Russian Doll Sweater & Skirt Set by Mish Mish) Shown on this page. And ( Russian Doll Top by Little Mass)

Victorian—details like ribbon trims, lace overlays and smocked bodices continue the Victoria, aesthetic in children’s, with a proliferation of fitted blazers with lace detail and big brass buttons. Long, flowing skirts round out the trend. Example: (Lipstik "The English Roses" Renaissance 2pc Velvet Skirt Set)

Military—military influences continue in silhouettes, patterns and colors. Military inspired jackets sport epaulets, insignia and multiple pockets. Camo prints take on a rainbow of color combinations and remain a staple in both boys’ and girls’ collections. The print graces everything from underwear to hair accessories for babies to school-age kids. Example: (Sara Sara "Bratz" Camo Jacket & Skirt Set)

Flights of Fancy- A natual look is in the air. Graceful renderings of birds and butterflies create delicate embroideries, appliques and simple flat-color graphics. Example: (Mimi & Maggie "Global Village" Red Bird Top & Denim Skirt Set )

Braid Brigade - Ribbons, ric-rac, lace and braid make a lovely lineup of trim. Rows of colorful trimming create beautiful accents to tiered skirts, tops, sweaters and dresses. Look for: embroidered braid, ric rac, fashion colored lace, velvet and satin ribbons. Example: (Tickittyboo Blue Ribbon & Ric Rac Trim Top ) and (Lipstik "Gypsy Mink Trail" Flower Vine Top & Jeans Set)

Layering—layers continue to be important in boys’ wear with designers feeding the trend with tops designed to give a layered affect. These twofer combinations, including polos over long-sleeve tees and jackets over zip-front hoodie sweatshirts, give little boys the opportunity to look like their big brothers. Example: (Mish Mish Colorful Boy's Tees)

Skirts—the volume that was seen on fall runways is interpreted as bubble and tiered ruffle skirts for children. Standing alone or layered over leggings or tights, bubble skirts add fun and proportion, while ruffles add a feminine touch and an opportunity for interesting fabric mixing. Example: ( Sarah Louise Dusty Plum Bubble Hem Holiday Dress)

Rebellious Youth

Kids these days. They’ve got some big attitude problems.

Maybe it’s because their parents insist on dressing them like sentimental zoologists. (You know — cutesy ducks, elephants, and giraffes.)

Let Junior rock an alterna-vintage aesthetic (to mirror his fledgling indie spirit) with something from Claude, an L.A.-based label that reworks vintage clothing into baby and toddler wear.

Like Prince concert tees stitched up with numbered jerseys for boys and rocker tees cut with flutter sleeves and cashmere for girls. Or sweaters printed with dragon logos, camo peace sign tanks, and — our favorite — pin-striped wool pants strung with a metal chain-and-skull print.

Because they’re made of recycled materials, the clothes are both one-of-a-kind and ecoconscious.

The gang at the sandbox will be so impressed, they might just follow your little rebel home.

So they can hang in his crib.